Vince So with outline

Vince So


joined DHC in the fall of 2017

Development of consumables/instrumentation, regulatory, and quality.
The people! You know that “I’d work with them anywhere” energy you experience at some jobs? At DHC, every single person has that same level of camaraderie. I had previously worked with Chad, Jerrod, and Sara, some of the hardest-working people I know, so I was excited to team up with them again.

I’d want someone new to Dark Horse Consulting to know that there will be opportunities to leverage your knowledge and experience across many unique projects which will be simultaneously challenging and invigorating. Everything is aimed toward the same end goal: helping the clients.

Vince with dog

The constant new discoveries, absolutely. There’s the perpetual possibility of developing something new that will move the entire field forward.

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be some sort of scientist or engineer. It took me some time to decide…I knew I enjoyed making things. During my first internship in college, I built a device that was implemented at scale and just fell in love with mechanical engineering. Subsequent opportunities in medical device development led me down the path to cell and gene therapy.

My mom’s drive to help people along with my dad’s way of problem solving had a way of influencing my current career path. My mom was a social worker in Chicago and started an organization to help immigrants find jobs and places to live. My dad was a scientist who worked on the Titan rockets. I found the biotechnology field to be a combination of both aspects: utilizing engineering and science to help people.

My wife and I both enjoy cooking. I find that cooking is similar in many ways to engineering: sourcing product, learning techniques, and going through a procedure. While time to market at work can sometimes take years, cooking results in near-instant gratification. We live in Oregon where there are many different markets available where we can access a large variety of ingredients and try out all sorts of recipes. Our dog’s name (a pit-lab mix) is Roux, so you can see that we think about food a lot. Being in Oregon, exploring the beer culture is a lot of fun as well, and I’ve been involved in this community as a beer judge.

I went to college and resided in San Diego for 17 years, which is a great beer city. My former roommate and I used to brew beer and cider together. I’ve since relocated to Oregon, which also has a thriving beer scene. A few years ago I studied to become a BJCP beer judge, which has allowed me to participate in competitions. It’s exactly as awesome as it sounds. It’s been fascinating to learn the language behind describing something that’s both so common and so complex.

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