It doesn't matter where you live.

Dark Horse is “Remote by Design” (RbD), meaning that our team members are distributed across the globe, on purpose. Being location-agnostic allows us to seek out top talent, but it also means that we have a range of cultural fluency. Critically, we’re also versed in variations across global regulatory bodies.

And besides, being RbD builds a practice-wide resilience that serves us well in times of crisis, such as…well, a global pandemic.
(By the way, are you looking for our careers page? It’s here.)

You may be a future Dark Horse if our “Dark Horse DNA” sounds like you. Are you determined? humble? conscientious? genuine? Learn more about our values here.

If you’d like to review our DEI policy (and please do, because these things are important to us!), you can find it here.
Now, what about our benefits? As a truly global and RbD company, please be aware that the benefits you receive will depend on your location. We aggressively benchmark to ensure that our offerings remain competitive and include a rich benefits package, regardless of location.

Full time (or equivalent) employees will receive:

  • Benchmarked compensation + bonus programs
  • Benchmarked benefits including medical coverage + dental/vision specific to locale:
    examples include: private health insurance coverage in the UK and a range of coverage options and benefit levels from health insurance providers in the United States
  • Comprehensive additional benefits consistent with local practices (e.g. company-provided short term/long term disability and life insurance in the US)
  • Pregnancy/bonding leave program for which DHC provides supplemental payments
  • Retirement options specific to locale:
    examples include: 401(k) match + Roth 401(k) options (USA) and pension account (UK)
  • Reimbursement for office equipment for your home office
  • Charitable giving match
  • Individualized career development (via our proprietary capabilities continuum) and continuous learning opportunities
  • Generous vacation and sick allocations, specific to locale

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