Rachel Choate, in person

joined Dark Horse in September of 2019
I recently graduated with a liberal arts degree in logic, philosophy, and classics, with an emphasis on theoretical math.
Well, considering that philosophy is the basis of all modern knowledge, it provided a foundation for exploring the roots of anything I found interesting…and theoretical math fit the bill. My thesis was on the use of mereology (part-to-whole relationships) in the works of Euclid, Plato, Tolstoy, and Lao Tzu.
Rachel Choate, Business Operations Specialist smiling, with a stack of classic titles
Mostly luck, really. I met Anthony [our CEO] in passing and he saw transferable skills where someone else may only have seen a “liberal arts major.” I had worked at a law firm and that was a huge help in contract processing. Plus, my major required critical analysis and some training in economics and it turns out that those extremely malleable skills are useful in business and landscape scanning. I was given the chance to apply myself in an atypical way.
It’s a validating experience. Everyone is given the opportunity to contribute, applying themselves to the best of their ability and experience. The results of such an environment speak for themselves.
Providing support for people who are heavily invested in this field is exceptionally rewarding—I love knowing that I’m part of why our clients are able to succeed in their endeavors. I’m able to see the direct results of having a hand in something that I otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to touch.
I think a lot about ethics and the human condition; essentially, what’s the point of all this? Of each of our lives? How do we define success? Everything is ultimately ephemeral—if we get our names on a building, for example, that building will crumble into dust eventually—so how can we achieve something with real impact? From my point of view, everything that is truly impactful boils down to having helped someone. That, to me, is the ultimate point. I get to do that here at Dark Horse, and in the future, a distant goal of mine is to organize and lead international medical missions, ideally with a focus on reproductive health.

I studied Latin for ten years, which definitely isn’t a common experience! Oh, and I was on a national champion chess team when I was 9 years old…and placed 25th in the nation individually that same year. And besides being unusual, both of those experiences have made me a more complete adult. An innate knowledge of chess is useful in life, interpersonal relationships, and business…and Latin provides a foundational understanding of so much of the western experience.

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