Vince So, M.S.


Brings broad engineering expertise to help DHC clients tackle their device design, instrument development, and process engineering challenges throughout their products’ lifecycles.

About Vince

Vince brings 10 years of device engineering experience to help DHC’s clients tackle their most challenging device development problems. From initial concept to development, manufacturing, and sustaining stages, he has participated in engineering design, authored verification/validation protocols, written regulatory documentation, developed manufacturing methods, and conducted process optimization. At Dark Horse Consulting, Vince uses his extensive engineering experience to advise cell and gene therapy companies on how best to incorporate existing technology and what can be achieved by developing and applying new technology into product and process development.

Before joining Dark Horse Consulting, Vince was a Senior Product Development Engineer at Symbient Product Development where he served as the lead engineer and project manager on multiple projects for a variety of clients. While managing the projects’ timelines and budgets, he was also responsible for the design of various medical devices and instruments, such as medical diagnostic and products for high-volume manufacturing, and microfluidic cartridges for mixing, transport, separation, and metering of fluid volumes.

Prior to joining Symbient, Vince was a Staff Engineer at ViaCyte, a company developing an implantable cell therapy-device combination product for diabetes. Vince developed long-term implantable medical devices and surgical tools from initial concept through use in a clinical trial, including the first-in-human cell therapy combination product. In early stage development, he was responsible for proposing novel technologies, design of prototypes, and conducting feasibility studies. Once ready for manufacturing, Vince participated in process engineering by designing fixtures and equipment, authoring engineering drawings, SOPs and Batch Records, and developing process improvements and quality control inspections. He also authored regulatory submission documents for an IND application, MAF and risk analysis documents.



Symbient Product Development
Senior Product Development Engineer

Staff Engineer
Senior R&D Engineer

Applied Medical
Process Engineer


University of California, San Diego
M.S. and B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

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