Sanjin Zvonić, Ph.D.

Vice President, Business Development & Practice Expert

An established leader in the development and manufacturing of cell-based therapeutics.

About Sanjin

Dr. Zvonić, an established leader in the development and manufacturing of cell-based therapeutics, is a cell and molecular biologist with a strong technical/scientific background in stem cell biology and cell therapy CMC development and manufacturing.

After earning his Doctorate in Cell and Molecular Biology, Dr. Zvonić continued on to a post-doctoral position at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center where he contributed to the development of methodologies for the isolation and culture of human adipose stem cells (ASC) from several sources, and later utilized ASCs to develop a human in vitro model for circadian biology studies. He then transitioned onto a second post-doctoral role at Tulane University, where he directed the technology transfer and development of bone marrow-derived MSC manufacturing and analytical methods in the in-house GMP production facility.

In 2009, Dr. Zvonić joined PCT, a renowned cell therapy CMO, where he focused on client engagement and technology transfer into PCT, giving him a comprehensive understanding of cell therapy development, manufacturing, and commercialization requirements and strategies. In 2014, he joined Novartis Cell and Gene Therapy Unit, where he focused on the development and commercialization of Novartis C&GT pipeline products. In 2016, Dr. Zvonić returned to PCT, with a focus on driving the growth and development of PCT’s clinical and commercial manufacturing business lines while integrating into Hitachi Chemical.

Dr. Zvonić joined WindMIL Therapeutics in 2019, leading the CMC development of the company’s core technologies and pipeline products as well as the establishment and growth of manufacturing capabilities, while concurrently contributing to the organizational strategy, growth and development.

Sanjin joined Dark Horse Consulting as Principal in May of 2021 and in December of the same year, added to his responsibilities that of Vice President, Business Development.


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WindMIL Therapeutics
Vice President, Product Development and Manufacturing

Hitachi Chemical Advanced Therapeutics Solutions (HCATS)
Senior Director, Business Leader, Clinical and Commercial Manufacturing

Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Senior Fellow, Technical Research & Development, Cell & Gene Therapy Unit

Progenitor Cell Therapy
Director, Technology Applications (prev. Director, Technology and Business Development)


Louisiana State University
Ph.D. in Biological Sciences
B.S. in Biochemistry

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