Oliver Ball, MSc.


Business development professional and analyst focused on the advanced therapy space, with a background as a strategy consultant and as business development manager in a CDMO.

About Oli

Oliver has a strong blend of analytical and operational skills honed specifically in the advanced therapy sector. Having previously worked as a consultant and a business development manager at a CDMO, Oliver brings a mature awareness of industry characteristics and dynamics beyond his years. A strong communicator, Oliver’s key aim at DHC is to ensure all customers have an outstanding experience with the firm while maximising the opportunities for clients to benefit from our value proposition.

Oliver has a differentiated educational background and professional profile, having focused on the advanced therapy space since writing his undergraduate thesis on iPSC technology. Following up with a unique Master’s degree entitled Cellular Therapy from Bench to Market at King’s College London, Oliver went on to make an impact as a graduate by authoring the Advanced Therapies Investment Report 2017, which was widely circulated and referenced at the time. Oliver went on to publish several more papers in the space with a range of co-authors, publishing in Cytotherapy and Cell & Gene Therapy Insights.

Spending a year working with boutique consulting firm Biolacuna, Oliver worked in a client-facing role with responsibility for managing and executing a diversity of client projects in the advanced therapy space and beyond, focusing on a range of business strategy and quality matters.

At Stemmatters Oliver played a critical role in establishing and executing the company’s CDMO business development operations, building out a robust pipeline of opportunities for Stemmatters that accelerated the company’s growth at a pivotal stage. He also contributed substantially to refining the company’s top-level strategy decisions and market positioning, both as a CDMO service provider and a biomaterials platform company seeking opportunities to leverage its technology with development partners.


  • Bravery, C. A., Ball, O. & Robinson, S. EU market authorisation strategy: lessons from the first 22 ATMP submitted to the EMA. Cell Gene Ther. Insights 5, 759–791 (2019).
  • Ball, O. & Zylberberg, C. Towards a common framework for defining ancillary material quality across the development spectrum. Cytotherapy 21, 1234-1245 (2019).
  • Ball, O. Industry perspectives on industrialization and automation in cell and gene therapy supply chains: outcomes of a discussion workshop. Cell Gene Ther. Insights 4, 879–899 (2018).
  • Ball, O., Robinson, S., Bure, K., Brindley, D. A. & Mccall, D. Bioprocessing automation in cell therapy manufacturing: Outcomes of special interest group automation workshop. Cytotherapy 20, 592–599 (2018).
  • Ball, O. Advanced Therapies Investment Report 2017. Phacilitate (2017).


King’s College London
MSc. Cellular Therapy (Distinction)

University of Kent
Bachelor’s Degree (First Class Hons)

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