Brandon Tran, M.S.


Biochemical engineer with 3 years of GMP upstream and Project Management experience and 4 years of programming experience, specializing in data piping, management, and analysis.

About Brandon

Brandon joined Dark Horse Consulting in Q4 2021, bringing 5 years of industry experience in project management, primarily in upstream fermentation.

Brandon’s career started at Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) as a contractor in the Process Science Upstream department doing media prep, cell culturing, and bioreactor operations in both a GLP and GMP setting. He was converted to a full time employee after 1 year, and began leading CMC projects for both internal and external clients at BI. In his nearly 3 years at BI, he led multiple projects and trained many junior scientists/engineers. Whenever he had time, he loved to find ways to improve process workflow by developing excel-based ELNs and VBA macros.

Brandon joined Adverum as a Process Engineer to help improve the SF9-Baculovirus AAV upstream process. He helped in facility design of the current Redwood City location for upstream manufacturing and bench workflows as well as improve SOPs and update existing protocols before leaving for his masters program.

In his most recent position, he returned to Adverum under a different department working with the HEK293 viral production process where he handled both the upstream production and downstream purification. His role was focused on improving data management within the department by creating ELNs, protocols, and updating out of date SOPs. In his time at Adverum he worked on creating a deep learning model to determine viral infectivity titers.


  • Custom VBA based GUI to aggregate millions of data points from OSISoft Pi Data Historian into a Tableau/Spotfire digestible format for visualization/analysis.
  • Creating a process flow for improved purchase tracking along with a custom VBA excelbook to organize and track purchase orders.
  • Python-based deep learning project determining Viral Titer via analysis of 6-well plate images.


Adverum Biotechnologies
Senior Technology Development Engineer
Process Engineer II

Boerhringer Ingelheim
Process Scientist I


Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta
Masters of Science: Analytics
University of California, Davis
Bachelors of Science: Biochemical Engineering

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