Dark Horse is what it is because of traits we all share. Our values.

These values correspond to our full name: Dark Horse Consulting Group. If you’re a Dark Horse (past, present, or future), these likely encapsulate who you are as well as the culture in which you like to work. 

  • the D stands for DETERMINED. We:
    …have a sense of urgency.
    …are solutions-driven.
    …are passionate about exceeding expectations.
  • the H stands for HUMBLE. We:
    …are collaborative.
    …are active listeners (we listen to hear, not just to respond)
    …give credit where credit is due and thank others for their contributions.
  • the C stands for CONSCIENTIOUS. We:
    …do the right thing.
    …hold ourselves accountable.
    …are reliable.
  • the G stands for GENUINE. We:
    …are transparent. 
    …tell the truth. 
    …acknowledge what we don’t know. 
Want to learn more about what makes us a great place to work? Get an overview of our DEI policy, discover what it means to be Remote by Design and learn about our benefits while you’re there, and then dash on over to our careers page

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