Dark Horse DNA

Dark Horse DNA, aka, what makes us, us?

You know you’re a Dark Horse if…

  • You’re the best of the best in your area(s) of speciality
    …but recognize other viewpoints, balance confidence with humility, and never stop learning
  • You thrive under pressure and do your best work if given a challenge
    …and are motivated to support and empower others, whether clients or colleagues
  • You are motivated by the opportunity to do more, to effect change in C&GT
    …and know that working with a consultancy provides an opportunity to leverage your talents
  • You are a person of integrity who embodies ethical excellence
    …fulfilling both the letter and the spirit of your promises
  • You know your worth and respect the inherent worth of others
    …making you a collaborative asset to any team, internal or external
  • You have an internet connection and access to an airport
    …because we hire across the globe

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