DHC COO Katy Spink at work in her home office

2022 thus far

by Katy Spink, DHC’s COO and Managing Partner

Welcome to the end of Q3’22, a time that feels like an excellent opportunity for an update on my thoughts from earlier this year regarding what 2022 could mean for cell and …

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Dark Horse guidance – what’s next?

A conversation with Jacob Staudhammer (DHC Senior Consultant) and Christina Fuentes, Ph.D. (DHC Consultant)

Q: Hi, you two! So, before we jump into a discussion of next ideas, we should take a moment to look in the rearview mirror and …

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Will 2022 be the year that blew our minds?

by Katy Spink, DHC’s COO and Managing PartnerI’ve been thinking lately about what place this year, 2022, may ultimately hold in our memories. By this time next year when we have the benefit of some hindsight, will we be referring …

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