Careers at Dark Horse Consulting: NOW HIRING

To quote a client, “Retaining this firm is not for the faint of heart or weak of expectations. This is a team which will pull no punches, recognize no limitations, raise the bar higher than anyone internally has dared, compete harder, and accomplish more.”

If you are among the best and brightest in Cell & Gene Therapy and want to be a part of the sharpest consultancy there is, send your résumé and/or CV along with a cover letter to PDF preferred.

We are not looking for someone who just checks a box. We don’t care where you’re located: our clientele is truly global and so are we. We want to talk to you whether you’re at the beginning of your career path or have been working in the industry for decades. You must be a rock star: knowing your subset of the field backwards and forwards. You must want to work somewhere where your worth is recognized and, in return, hold deep respect for the worth of your colleagues. In your cover letter, please speak a bit about your expectations for the wild ride that is the #consultantlife.


No, really, all levels.

One of these days we’ll only have one or two jobs listed here. Don’t miss this opportunity to apply regardless of level. We’re hiring Principals, Practice Experts, Senior Consultants, Consultants, and Associate Consultants. 

We’re looking forward to meeting you.



Anywhere on planet Earth, assuming you have a decent internet connection and access to an airport for post-pandemic times.

Our client base spans Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East. Anywhere that cutting-edge Cell and Gene Therapy work is being done, we have a foothold.

Being a global, remote-capable consultancy has enabled us to weather this pandemic thus far, and we’re building on this strength. Working from anywhere offers flexibility as well as an expectation of responsibility and dedication.


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