Davis and BioProcess Int’l: a reality check

Cell and Gene Therapies Get a Reality Check: A Conversation with Anthony Davies of Dark Horse Consulting Group

As founder of cell and gene therapy (CGT) specialist firm Dark Horse Consulting Group in California, Anthony Davies speaks from a quarter …

In testing as in life, context is everything

by Katy Spink, Dark Horse COO

Recent events in the battle to contain the global COVID-19 pandemic have me recalling one of the most memorable lessons of my graduate school education, and thinking about parallels in Cell and Gene Therapy …

Remote Virtual Audits: whitepaper and related new offering

By Robert Allen, Ph.D.

Get organised and get smart. The virtual audit: Ensuring quality and compliance during the current global pandemic Learn more about this offering

Executive summary of Dark Horse Consulting Group’s April 2020 Whitepaper

    Current global circumstances prevent

We are doing the wrong test

This isn’t really a sentence that early 2019 me would have foreseen myself writing but, here we are. I wish to propose a new paradigm for addressing novel global pandemics: serological (blood) testing for immunity. Such a standard is proactive, …

Zolgensma will still be the first $1B gene therapy

By Anthony Davies

Say what you will about Novartis; it’s always interesting over there by the Rhine. It’s been a rollercoaster of news about Zolgensma lately—from the timing of the data manipulation reporting…to the excellent 3Q earnings…to Japan and the …

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