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Katy and Don discuss recent regulatory patterns in cell and gene

In honor of the inaugural issue of The Quarter Horse, Katy Spink, Dark Horse’s COO, sat down with Donald Fink, Master Practice Expert in Regulatory, to discuss the patterns of C&GT regulatory rejections/delays during the past 15 months.

Katy: We’ve …

Nate Manley March 2021 interview in Cell and Gene Insights

Principal Nate Manley was interviewed by Insights Bio this month for a Cell and Gene Therapy Insights raw and starting materials spotlight article entitled, “Emerging trends in control and regulation of immunotherapy cellular starting materials.”

Read the full article, including …

CEO Davies and COO Spink featured in In Vivo article

Solutions Exist To Regenerative Medicine’s Most Pressing Manufacturing Challenges Exploring Cell And Gene Therapy Manufacturing And Logistic Issues

published 16 Mar 2021 at written by Amanda Micklusreproduced with permission

PDF available for download, here

Regenerative medicines have made significant advancements in …

Dark Horse Consulting Announces its Board of Directors

Walnut Creek, CA—Dark Horse Consulting (DHC) today announces the make-up of its Board of Directors.  

Dark Horse Consulting, the rapidly growing global consulting practice specializing exclusively in cell and gene therapies, understands the challenges specific to C&GT sponsors, tool providers, …

Anthony Davies looks ahead to the rest of 2021

Happy Eve of Not #JPMorgan: here are my in-no-particular-order Top 10 predictions for the year in cell and gene therapy, not so much as a Nostradamus impression, but hopefully more a provocation of thought… 

#1 The investment and acquisition arms…

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